American-Made Index Names Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee as Most American Vehicles American-Made Index - Jeep Wrangler and CherokeeThe annual American-Made Index rates the “most American” cars on the market based on a variety of factors. These include how many parts in a vehicle are made domestically, where engines and transmissions are sourced from, and how many US manufacturing jobs support the vehicle.

The yearly American-Made Index has been going on for 11 years. For the first time in 2017 it had to relax its requirements for making the list. As it was, only 3 vehicles would’ve met last year’s criteria—including the top two winners of the 2017 index, the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Cherokee.

These vehicles had high domestic parts counts, with 74% of Jeep Wrangler’s parts being American-made and 70% for the Cherokee. They also have entirely American-made engines, and almost every transmission used in the Wrangler and Cherokee are domestic as well. Both are or were made in Toledo, Ohio, though the Cherokee recently moved to Illinois. surveyed 1,023 respondents and 25% said they would only buy a car from an American brand. This figure has doubled since 2016. The American-Made Index helps these individuals determine which cars most support American workers and businesses.

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